Top Couple Rings for Adventurous Couple: The Earth Collection by Chemistry Tungsten Rings

We all know that earth is a container, holding roots that support all life. It is a stable source of support. Earth is a sign that is stable, grounded, practical, and tactile. Like our Earth Collection, we have an array of classic styles of Silver Tungsten rings. Whether it is matted or polished, this collection is perfect for couples who enjoy the rough and rugged outdoors.
Shopping for couple rings can be a difficult task. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market. You have to consider the kind of material that can last literally a lifetime that would suit the personality and style of the couple. Gold and Platinum are still the most popular but Tungsten is becoming a popular choice. Tungsten has the quality and affordability, cheaper than our classic gold and platinum. 
Tungsten comes from a Swedish term meaning “heavy stone.” 
Tungsten is now a modern alternative to the classics. Tungsten band has a striking design and can save you money. Tungsten is durable that is scratch-resistant and won’t bend easily unlike others. It is also quick and easy to remove in case of emergency, unlike gold. Tungsten shine won’t fade throughout the years. It has a unique look. It has a sleek and contemporary appearance of the metal. Lastly, it has hypoallergenic properties that won’t give you an allergy. 
Our Earth Collection is perfect for couples who are looking for rings that have a unique style and that would complement their lifestyle and personality.
Scallop Etched Silver Tungsten Ring
Half-round etching on the edges of this silver tungsten ring is the highlight of the design. Its polished flat ridge edges compliments well with the brush finished. The Scallop Etched Ring is perfect for those who want something simple but elegant. It also gives that strong and sharp look that makes it attractive to those who wear it.
The Aztec Silver Tungsten Ring
Aztec geometric patterns surround this silver tungsten ring. The print is perfect for those who are looking for something unique and defined. It symbolizes a strong and powerful relationship.
Rectangular Flattened Mirror Finish Silver Tungsten Ring
Precise cut rectangles reflect well on sunlight in this cool tungsten band ring. The sleek style of this ring gives a boost of confidence.
Criss Cross Silver Tungsten Ring with Polished Edges
Intersecting line designed tungsten wedding band. This band ring has the perfect design to exciting and lasting years ahead.
Romantic Roman Numeral Etched Silver Tungsten Ring
Laser engraved roman numbers circles this tungsten wedding ring. This piece is on-trend and perfect for couples who like to keep it upbeat and who lives an interesting lifestyle.
Triple Grooved Silver Tungsten Ring
Bold and contemporary, the perfect piece for those who live the rugged lifestyle as it is crafted with the durable tungsten carbide. The gray tone design features grooves and polished edges for contrast.
Double Twisted Rope Inlay Silver Tungsten Ring
Rope entwined tungsten wedding band is the perfect band for couples who are adventurous and always planning to explore.
Our Earth Collection Couple Siver Tungsten rings are not claiming to be the best ring, but it could be the perfect ring for you. Tungsten couple ring is also budget-friendly, unlike our gold and platinum. Pretty sure that this won’t deplete your savings. It is stylish with excellent wearability. Tungsten couple rings have a distinct personality that commands fresh attention that will catch you by surprise.
We have more styles to choose from the Earth Collection. Check it out here.